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What is the Meme Generator?

The Meme Generator is an online platform that enables you to create custom images with resizable text, insert images, and more into various templates. It is a free and user-friendly tool that allows you to personalize well-known memes from extensive collection of Meme Templates, or you can start from scratch with blank templates.

How to create a meme?

1. Select a template: You can choose from popular templates, explore over a million user-uploaded options using the search function, or upload your own template from your device or a URL. For a blank canvas, search for “empty” or “blank” templates.

2. Customize: Add your personal touch by including text, images, stickers, drawings, and adjusting spacing using the tools provided next to your meme canvas.

3. Generate and share: Click “Generate Meme,” and then choose how you want to share or save your meme. You can share it on social media, through your mobile device, provide a link, or download it to your device. Additionally, you can share your creation with meme communities.

How can I personalize my meme?

You have the flexibility to move and resize text boxes by simply dragging them around. On mobile devices, make sure to enable “drag/drop” in the More Options section. You can add as many text boxes as you like using the Add Text button.

Customize the font color and outline color to your liking next to the text input. You can also modify the font style for each text box using the gear icon next to the text input. supports all fonts installed on your device, including the default options and additional fonts. You can even use over 1,300 free fonts available for all devices, or add your own custom font by installing it on your device.

You can insert popular or custom stickers and various images like scumbag hats, deal-with-it sunglasses, speech bubbles, and more. Opacity and resizing are supported, and you can copy and paste images using CMD/CTRL + C/V for quick editing.

Rotate, flip, and crop any templates you upload to fit your vision.

You can also draw, outline, or scribble on your meme using the panel above the meme preview image.

Create “meme chains” by stacking multiple images vertically with the “below current image” setting.

Enhance your meme with image effects such as posterization, jpeg artifacts, blur, sharpening, and color filters like grayscale, sepia, invert, and brightness.

Can I use the generator for more than just memes?
Absolutely! The Meme Generator is a versatile tool suitable for various purposes. You can design posters, banners, advertisements, and other custom graphics by uploading custom images and leveraging all the customization options available.

Can I create animated or video memes?
Yes, you can! The Meme Generator offers animated meme templates. You can find them by searching for keywords like “party parrot.” If you can’t find the specific animated meme you’re looking for, you can explore GIF Templates or upload and save your animated template using the GIF Maker.


What is a Meme Generator?

A Meme Generator is an online tool that allows you to create humorous images, known as memes, by adding text, images, and various customizations to templates.

Is your Meme Generator site free to use?

Yes, our Meme Generator is completely free for users to create and customize memes.

How do I make a meme on your site?

Follow these simple steps: Choose a template from our extensive collection.
Customize the template by adding text, images, stickers, and more.
Click “Generate Meme” and share or save your creation.

Can I upload my own templates or start from scratch?

Absolutely! You can upload your own templates or begin with blank templates to create memes from scratch.

What customization options do you offer?

You can move and resize text boxes, adjust font colors, styles, and even use your device’s installed fonts. Additionally, you can insert stickers, draw on your meme, and apply various image effects.

How can I share my memes created on your site?

You can share your memes on social media, through your mobile device, via a shareable link, or download them to your device. You can also connect with Imgflip’s meme communities to showcase your creations.

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