What does OC mean? You might have seen memes captioned as “OC” in social media like Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc, and wondered what does it mean. In this article, we’re going to explain what OC is, how and when to use this acronym with examples. OC full form is Original Content.

OC Meaning In Meme And When To Use

oc meaning

The most common meaning of “OC” is “Original Content“. It is often used as a caption for memes, When you create a meme yourself with your idea and not copied from somewhere else then only you can upload that meme with the caption “OC”. “OC” as a caption is not only used for memes it can be used for any type of content that you created yourself for example Artwork, Music, etc.

How To Use Acronym OC With Example

OC which stands for “Original Content” can be used as a caption as well as in a sentence for example:

Sam: Hey look at this meme video I found on Reddit.

Jim: Hey that’s my video. it’s my OC.

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